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For success and efficiency in your payroll activities.

We offer support for the most crucial services like:

Full service payroll accounting for salaries and wages

  • Range of supported systems:
  • SAP
  • PeopleSoft
  • IFS Applications
  • Lexware

  • Maintenance of the payroll master and movement data
  • Travel expense accounting
  • Short-time work accounting
  • Calculation of taxation of Stock Options
  • Accounting of retired persons
  • Calculation of the daily allowance for assemblers according to BMTV (collective agreement for metal industry)
  • Backing up of Audits of the Social Insurance, Tax authorities and workers compensation boards
  • Customizing Check
  • Support for ADP Global View - SSL´s
  • Ceration of wage types
  • Statistical and Anual Reporting
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Legal Statements and Regulatory Reporting

Integration of Financial Accounting

  • Integration of and transfer to Financial Accounting
  • German Commercial Code / IFRS / US-GAAP

Area of Operations:

  • Interim management in payroll accounting
  • Project support for system changes or introductions
  • Assistance for subsidiary companies or outsourced companies
  • Vacation replacements
  • Substituation in case of maternity or parental leaves
  • Covering of work peaks
  • Replacement for sickness leaves

Scope of Engagement:

  • Long-term support to cover basic workload
  • Mid-term support in regard to organizational changes
  • Short-term engagement due to staffing shortage